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Best Cable Car Rides in the World

Best Cable Car Rides in the World

For those who like the thrill of heights, there is no better way to experience it than a high swinging cable car ride. Here is a list of the best cable car rides in the world. 1. Zacatecas, Mexico Swinging high above the streets and cruising above the rooftops, this cable ride is the most exciting trip you could have. It […]

Fabulous Holland

Fabulous Holland in 10 days

Now known as The Netherlands, Holland is a sight to behold especially during spring time. A trip to this beautiful country will take you to famous cities like Amsterdam, Hague and Haarlem in addition to many historic and culturally important towns and cities of the country. Here is how you can plan a 10 day trip […]


10 Fantastic Canal Trips Around the World

If cruising is what attracts you to travel then here are 10 canal trips that will take you through some of the most beautiful cities of the world. 1. The Panama Canal, Panama This is probably the most well known and the oldest among modern canal systems in the world. The Panama Canal is a […]

Trouble in Paradise – Tips for Staying Healthy While Abroad

Everything is better on holiday. Or at least, it should be: the weather, the food, the nights, the drink, the length of your lie-in . . . so the last thing you want is to fall ill and find yourself laid-up, seized-up or throwing up in an unfamiliar environment, while all those around you continue […]

Olympics Stadium

Montreal: 7 Spectacular Sights to Behold

1. Biosphere Museum This architectural wonder is reminiscent of the Montreal Expo of 1967. It has now been converted into an environmental museum. 2. Chinese Gardens Located in the Botanical Gardens of Montreal, the Chinese garden is spectacular for its display of colorful lanterns and water features. The bright colors and features make this a place to visit with […]

10 Best Theme Parks in UK

10 Best Theme Parks in UK

If theme parks are on your travel list for this year’s holiday then here are 10 best theme parks in the UK that you could pick from. 1. Legoland, Berkshire The Legoland in Bershire is an ambitious project spread out over 150 acres of fun and entertainment. It boasts of more than 50 rides covering […]

Packing for Travel

10 Golden Rules of Packing for Travel

Traveling is an exciting experience; and packing for travel is a nightmare come true. Do not let packing worries take the fun out of your holiday. Here are 10 golden rules of packing that will ensure that you have a hassle-free trip. The thumb rule for packing is to pack only half the clothes that […]

Themed Cruises – Try Something Different

Themed cruises vary greatly from one to another. Most people assume that cruises aimed at families with children are themed by their very nature. However, you can get themed cruises that are subtle, that are loud or are purely for adults. There are all kinds of themed cruise deals out there, and they are a […]