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Choosing Accommodation For a Sunshine Holiday

There are two types of holiday. There’s the backpack and a round-the-world ticket variety and there’s the week in the sun kind of trip. Each has its pros and cons, but while the long-haul trips that last for months on end aren’t open to everyone, with so many great deals on package holidays, the week […]

What You Can Do If You’ve Had a Holiday From Hell

If you’re a working adult, taking out time to go on holiday is definitely going to be one of your annual priorities, not to mention the thing you look forward to the most. This would explain your rage and frustration when your holiday turns into a nightmare. It’s extremely unfair when all those weeks of […]


5 Places to Head to in Spring

Spring is a season of blooms symbolic of fresh new beginnings. This is the time whenthe weather is neither too cool nor too warm and ideal for a break. Here are 5 places we recommend for your spring break this year. 1. New York City Cherry blossoms usher the spring season to break the monotony of stark white in New […]

Puglia, Italy

Quick Easter Holiday Breaks

Easter is fast approaching and is the perfect time for a short family getaway. Here are 10 quick Easter holiday breaks that you can consider this year. 1. Algarve, Portugal Muxima is an eco-retreat in Algarve, Portugal. It is a simple resort with 7 rustic rooms, a natural pool, and a playground for kids. You also have some resident […]

New Zealand

8 Places to Visit Before the Stork Arrives

Though traveling with a family can be fun, dealing with kids and their paraphernalia will definitely slow you down. For those of you who are planning for kids but do not have them yet, here are 8 places you must visit before your bundles of joy arrive. 1. Paris, France Well, this is the ultimate romantic destination […]

Quebec, Canada

5 Most Affordable Travel Destinations

If recession means cutting down on yourtravel plans this year, then think again. Affordable travel is possible without compromising on quality or comfort. Here are 5 vacation ideas that are not just affordable but also give you complete valuefor your money. 1. Lisbon, Portugal If you are looking at a Spanish vacation but dread the Euros, Lisbon is […]

5 Best Hotels in USA

5 Best Hotels in USA

If you are planning on a luxury hotel in the USA for a winter vacation, then here are 5 top hotels for you to consider: 1. Amangani, Wyoming Grabbing the top spot among the best hotels in USA is no small achievement. The ultimate in luxury hotels, Amangani is a great combination of elegance and […]

Attractions of Las Vegas

When one thinks of Las Vegas, one inevitably thinks of casinos, for indeed casinos are the lifeblood of the town. There is more to Vegas than just the casinos. The first casino built in Vegas was the Northern Club which dates from 1931 and it now called La Bayou, one of the downtown casinos. Some […]