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Massachusetts Offers Plenty of History and Beauty

The New England state of Massachusetts, which lies on the northeast coast of America, is one of the most historic and picturesque in the nation. While the cities such as Boston are new-age and cosmopolitan, the state embraces and preserves its historical roots with wonderful places such as Plymouth Rock. Massachusetts is one of America’s favourite states […]

Top Surf Spots on the Gold Coast

The Gold Coast has so much to offer for visitors: the nightlife is great, there are plenty of theme parks, there’s a nearby rainforest hinterland, and of course, some of the best beaches for surfing in the entire country – or maybe even the SouthernHemisphere – which is why you’re probably headed there. Let Trailfinders take you down under and you can begin […]

Business Trips Abroad – What to take in your Luggage

Business Trips Abroad – What to take in your Luggage

By making all your clothes interchangeable, you ensure that you’ll have multiple outfits and can still be able to close your suitcase. All it takes is a little planning – style without the stress. Here are some handy tips to help you pack for your business trip. Trousers or skirts With a little careful planning, you […]

The Benefits of E-readers for Travellers

E-readers are transforming the way we read, opening up books, magazines and newspapers to new audiences and new situations. The number of people struggling with broadsheet papers on the train is falling, and instead of a suitcase full of heavy novels holidaymakers now take just a single pocket-sized gadget. Here we take a look at just how and why e-readers are […]

Online Doctor Service: The Perfect Solution for Travellers

It isn’t always easy to get to see your GP. Whether you just can’t get away from your desk or you struggle to get an appointment less than two weeks in advance, a face-to-face consultation at your local surgery is not possible for a lot of people. And for those who do a lot of travelling it can be even more […]

Essential Places to Visit on a Whistle-Stop Tour around New York City

You can never have enough time to fully explore New York City, unless you’re working there or you’re on a long visit. The city is simply too gigantic for a comprehensive tour on a short period of time. However, if you’re only doing a quick sweep, a whistle-stop tour of sorts, there are certain things […]