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Top Five Neighborhoods to See in New York City

There is so much to see and do in New York City that even longtime residents never get to do it all. How then, does a tourist decide where to go and what to see? This guide to five must see neighborhoods in New York City will give you a good start to learning about […]


Top 4 Places to Go in Jordan

Jordan is a country with an incredibly rich history. When planning a trip there, it can be overwhelming to determining where to go, what to see and do. Here is a list of four of the top tourist destinations in Jordan. Amman Many trips to Jordan will begin here, in the nation’s capital. You are […]

Luxury suite

Boutique is Chic

Once upon a time all the chicest resorts were described as luxury, paradise and advertised as a peaceful retreat away from the rest of the world. Now whilst these places still exist and attract similar clientele to before, there is a new breed of hotel on the block and no one can deny the impact […]

Towr Bridge

Stay-Cation Summer

This summer could be the year when you visit the white sands of the Caribbean, the deserts of Africa or the vineyards of France. It could also be the year where you the buck trend to go on ever more exotic sounding holidays and stay a bit closer to home by exploring what the South […]


Why Norfolk Should Be Your Next Holiday Destination

Situated on the mid-eastern coast of England, the county of Norfolk is the perfect place for a short break or weekend getaway. With a beautiful blend of open beaches, idyllic countryside and charming city life, there’s certainly something for everyone. Norfolk is all about carrying your bucket and space to the end of the pier […]

Monterey Bay Aquarium

4 Best Travel Destination To Visit With Your Toddler

When it comes time to pick a family vacation destination with a toddler, you must consider the special needs of your youngest family members. Toddlers easily get tired with excessive walking, so you need a destination that accommodates strollers. Young children also have small attention spans and need plenty of opportunities to quench their natural […]

eco friendly travel

7 Eco Friendly Travelling Tips

For many of us who are conscious about the environment, travelling becomes a guilt trip since we know that travelling puts lots of pressure on the environment as emissions. Does it mean then that you should not travel if you want to be eco- friendly? No, there are lot of eco- friendly ways to travel. […]

Ways to avoid looking like a tourist

Avoid Looking Like a Tourist With These Simple Tips

A tourist is a target for muggers in any place you go and of course an object of teasing by the locals in some countries. It is always better to take steps to avoid looking like a tourist, as otherwise you might be conned or at least taken for a ride by paying  way more […]

Travel essentials during Pregnancy

Travel essentials during Pregnancy

If you are planning to travel when you are pregnant, whether it is for pleasure or necessity, make sure you are well prepared for the travel. While travelling during pregnancy, you must take a few necessary steps to see to it that you are not in trouble in the journey. Here is a checklist of […]

Hanalei Bay, Kauai

25 Breathtaking Beaches Of Hawaii

Planning for a holiday that offers not just time for rejuvenation but also guarantees for a fun time? Then the one place on earth that you should go to would be Hawaii. With its sparkling beaches, tranquil landscapes and fresh air, Hawaii is just the place to be in when you want a break from […]