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top tips for asthma patients while travelling

Top Tips for Asthma Patients While Travelling

While travelling, the scenery is supposed to take your breath away—not asthma. But in a lot of cases, it is the other way around. Travelling can be tough and challenging for those who are suffering from Asthma due to many reasons such as difference in altitudes, lack of proper clean air, lack of medical facilities […]

adrina beach resort

Top 10 Resorts to Experience in Greece

The turquoise blue waters, the sea lined with islands and the truly pristine beaches make Greece one of the most popular travel destinations in the world and also one of the most beautiful countries to live. Due to the struggling Greece Economy at present, the prices for everything ranging from stay, food and activities are […]

tips for vegetarians travelling abroad

Top 7 Tips for Vegetarians Travelling Abroad

Well, life is great for vegetarians in a lot of ways, but when it comes to travelling, things can get challenging. When exposed to foreign locations, vegetarians might find it difficult to get the food they would like to eat, especially if they go out without any homework. Most places in the world do not […]

select the best restaurant at a new place

Tips to Select the Best Restaurant at a New Place

When you visit a new place or a new location then it is advisable to try out the local cuisine or the best food that the place has to offer. But how easy is it to find the best restaurant or eating outlet of that area to make the most of your visit? Well, it […]

stay safe with geosure

Stay Safe with GeoSure

When you read travel blogs, you’re often left imagining international travel to be this glamorous, romantic adventure, and you wouldn’t be wrong. That is what international travel is… for the most part, at least. The truth is that there are hundreds of less pleasant things going on in the background of every travel blog, and […]

tips for planning your trip to Bangkok

Travel Tips for Planning your Trip to Bangkok

Planning a trip to Bangkok? Well the capital of Thailand has lots in store for you if you are a beach lover, a summer lover, a shopping lover and a lover of pure relaxation. Bangkok is a paradise of cheap shopping, local sea food and ofcourse the wonderful temple visits. But it is important to […]

new zealand

Top 7 Bachelor’s Party Destinations in the World

So you are about to get married and want to take your guy friends out for the last party of bachelor hood and can’t think of a destination? Well the world has several amazing places which are totally apt for a bachelor’s get away and will let you have the last stint of freedom with […]