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business group travelling

Business Group Travelling – Know Its Benefits

With an emerging trend of business organisations stressing on business travels, in order to enhance partnerships and deals, many of them are focusing on business group travelling. Team building is one of the prime factors in the success of any business and the whole group’s achievements matter more than any one individual. The best way […]

kurumba Resort

Planning for Maldives- Check Out the Top Luxurious Resorts

Located between the trading path of Indian Ocean, the Maldives is an exotic country comprised of 1,190 coral islands and its area spread over 90,000 kilometres. The spectacular features of Maldives include the white sandy pristine beaches, the deep blue seas, the turquoise reefs and the lush green palm grooves. Undoubtedly, it is a much […]

cruise travel mistakes to avoid

Top 7 Cruise Travel Mistakes to Avoid

Cruising is probably one of the most exciting travelling modes that everyone enjoys – be it as couples, families or even with a gang of friends! However, there are common mistakes that cruise travellers make. You must be very clear about the formalities that are to be maintained and what a cruise travel calls for […]

do’s and dont’s of family vacation

A List of Useful Do’s and Dont’s of Family Vacation

We start travelling as a kid with family and when we reach the age for travelling by ourselves, the first option is usually travelling alone or with groups of friends. However, travelling with family is completely a different experience and needs a thorough homework –thus this article would be of significant help to newly married […]

budget travelling in sri lanka

How to go About a Budget Travelling in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a beautiful country with beaches, tea plantations, jungles and breathtaking landscapes. To many, Sri Lanka is a dream destination for a vacation. However, travelling in Sri Lanka is a bit on the expensive side. Leaving aside the costs of visa, and air travel fees which vary from place to place, the mere […]


Alluring Wildlife Safari Travel Destinations

If adventure travel is your thing, then you must try out wildlife safari.  If you like forests, and/ or animal sighting then wildlife safari is the best option for you. Also, the budding photographers will jump in joy if given a chance to undertake such a safari. There are several travel destinations with wildlife safari […]