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tips to avoid overeating on a cruise

Top Tips to Avoid Overeating on a Cruise

The moment you step onto a massive cruise ship for your long awaited vacation,you won’t be able to keep yourself off from the temptation to try out the various cuisines from all over the world. The amazing buffets, the lovely snacks and the limitless desserts will just lead to a lot of overeating. A cruise […]

points to remember while you buy cruise travel insurance

Points to Remember While you Buy Cruise Travel Insurance

Not everyone is lucky to move around the globe and cruising on a Caribbean, Mediterranean, or sometimes the around-the-world cruise. Yes, cruising is expensive and getting the right travel insurance is extremely important. Cruise travelling is quite different from other types of travelling thus, if you get a standard travel insurance policy, the need might […]


Top Most Relaxing Holiday Destinations for Families

It’s true that romantic getaways and trips with single friends during college days can be a lot of fun but there is no denying of the fact that family holidays are too fantastic. Travelling with your life partner and your lovely kids can help anyone get over the daily dullness of life and give the […]

travel essentials for travelling to dubai

The Top Travel Essentials for Travelling to Dubai

Dubai is one of the most popular and happening travel destinations in the world and has been seeing an increasing number of tourists every year. From the tallest building in the world to the biggest mall, Dubai is a place where there is a lot to see and experience. From the amalgamation of several cultures […]


Top Luxury Holiday Destinations for the Year 2015

Who doesn’t like to travel? Well and when the travel or trip is laden with luxurious settings and a beautiful destination, who wouldn’t want to grab it with both hands? Every year, new travel destinations emerge as top luxury holiday destinations on the basis of their popularity and number of tourists visiting them. So what […]

useful travelling tips for patients suffering from hypertension

Useful Travelling Tips for Patients Suffering from Hypertension

If you are a globe trotter and just being diagnosed with hypertension, do not get anxious about your future travel endeavours as there are many precautionary measures that can keep you away from any health related troubles while travelling. If your blood pressure levels are well controlled and you are under regular medication, travelling will […]