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tips to follow if you lose your passport

Tips and Suggestions to Follow If you Lose your Passport

Anguish levels go up unnecessarily when you lose or misplace an important document like the passport. Passport is one such essential document that should be kept under immense care and safety; losing it can also imply that someone is misusing it, which shall call for legal implications on you as well. It is hence highly […]


Choose the Perfect Location to See the Ethereal Northern Lights

Aurora borealis or the northern lights are what all travelers dream to witness at least once in their lifetime. This, no doubt is one of nature’s most beautiful and spectacular phenomenon and the viewing session usually starts from December and last until March. The environmental conditions however need to be ideal to make this viewing […]

luang prbang in laos

Cheapest Destinations in Asia – A Perfect Backpacker’s List

There is a famous traveler’s quote that says ‘If traveling was free…you would never see me again’. Expense is the first thing that we consider when we are planning our holidays and often we need to settle for near or cheap destinations due to our budget constraints.  However, there are many inexpensive holiday destinations that […]

socotra, yemen

Top 5 Locations Across the Globe for Nature Photography

Nature photography is nothing but upholding the essence of the natural world in the realms of the camera lenses. It refers to the photography that is done outdoors and is devoted to expose the natural elements like wildlife, landscapes, flora and fauna, and close-ups of natural scenarios. Amongst all the other photography genres, nature photography […]

nude beaches in the world

Exotic 5 Nude Beaches in the World

Nude beaches have gained great popularity these days as minimalism with swim wears has reached a completely new level. These beaches are all open for the nudists and naturalists to legally enjoy the naked frolicking along the sandy dunes. Some visitors yearn to get connected with nature directly, while some go there just for the […]

vacation of your life at a deluxe apartment in munich

Experience The Vacation of your Life at a Deluxe Apartment in Munich

Munich is a great place to visit for those who want an exciting vacation with family or friends. With its fun festivals that take place all year round, famous historic sites, great people, shopping and cuisine; Munich definitely has lots to offer its visitors from around the world! It’s no wonder that the number of […]

charles de gaulle airport

How to Kill Time at Charles De Gaulle

Anyone who has ever experienced a long layover will know that an airport isn’t always the most exciting place to spend their day. Luckily, Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris has realised this, and has provided a range of facilities to improve passengers’ travelling experiences. As there are over 34 million people passing through this […]

you can finally travel on a budget

You Can Finally Travel on a Budget… and Still Relax in Luxury

Traveling on a budget is never ideal. Yes, you save money, and are able to go away more often. But you end up staying in a cramped hotel, uncomfortable from the old beds and constantly uneasy about every cent you use. When you were much younger, this was part of the charm – running out […]