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what to pack for europe

What to Pack for Europe: A List of Essentials

Europe is one of the most popular continents in the world from the travelling point of view. Not only does it offer a gamut of choices for making your itinerary but also proves to be a complete package for both short and long trips. It is an ideal place to go for your honeymoon and […]

important points to follow while visiting a museum

6 Important Points to Follow While Visiting a Museum

Museums are one of the most popular categories of tourists attractions in the world. Not only are they fascinating but also prove to be a good learning experience for people. There are many types of museums and some of them include history museums, art museums, science museums, cultural museums and others. But to visit any […]

key monastery, india

6 Must Visit Monasteries in the World

Monasteries are the place of worships for Buddhists but people from all religions and walks of life love visiting them because they are extremely peaceful and divine. One thing that is common in almost all the monasteries of the world is the unique location. It is a fact that the world’s most beautiful monasteries are […]

playing games to pass time at the airport

Playing Games to Pass Time at the Airport

Ever been stuck at the airport for what seems like an interminable wait? ‘Why does the blooming airplane seem to have a list of mechanical problems longer than your 98 year old grandfather?’ and ‘why do the stewardesses sound so gosh-darned jolly when they announce the fourth delay for the flight?’ may just be a […]

etiquettes to follow at a luxury resort

Be a Good Guest- Etiquettes to Follow at a Luxury Resort

Some of the worst etiquette that most guests follow in a hotel is running down the halls, watching TV at full volume, slamming doors and infact behaving as if you are the only guests and not bothering about the rest. So the first rule that you need to follow is treating others the way you […]