costa de la luzA trip to the beach on the coast of Andalusia, is undoubtedly most beautiful on the Costa de la Luz, on the coast of Cadiz, which meanders from Ayamonte to Tarifa and the Gibraltar Strait.

The neighbour of the Costa Del Sol lacks everything that the heady high rise buildings and regimented beaches in towns like Marbella have to offer.

In comparison the Costa de la Luz is named for the brightness and the power to illuminate the sun as it spreads along its beautiful and unspoilt golden beaches, its waters and silvery white whitewashed walls of the people’s homes without a high rise Day’s Inn in sight.

The Costa de la Luz has more than its fair share of stunning beaches with quality, romantic coves and welcoming, beautiful cliffs and reefs perfect for diving.

Following the line of beach, sometimes connected, dense pine forests are accompanying beaches and coves, creating beautiful corners and areas, quiet and a peaceful getaway for an idyllic beach vacation.

For lodgings in the area, they have a wide selection of hotels, residential complexes, apartments, houses and tourist developments, residences and other places where you can stay to suit all tastes and budgets.

The beaches of Isla Canela and the Punta del Moral are amongst the most popular in the area as are stunning nine miles of sun kissed golden sand found at Isla Cristina with its crystal clear waters and an astonishing 2800 hours of sun each and every year.

Lepe is famous for it multiple beach areas that include a heavy emphasis on preservation and good environmental practices and its miles of fun golden sand dunes.

Punta Umbria gives visitors the unusual combination of extensive pine forests running along the edge of many miles of seashore and wide golden brown beaches.

A million miles away from the hectic beach life of the Costa del Sol is the quiet and well preserved Bay of Cadiz and its many islets, inlets and marshes as well as swampland that provide the backdrop for some of the most stunning and clean beaches in the whole of Europe.

Something very feature that makes the Costa de la Luz is that all these complex and accommodation, towns and villages near the beaches, and man’s influence is in most cases, perfectly harmonized with the natural environment, and yet, all services and infrastructure we need for a visit to the beaches of this area of Spain.


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