budget travelFly cheap[cheap travel] while you still can. The money-losing airline industry is raising fares and adding fees as it struggles with record-high fuel prices.

Meanwhile, the weak economy has forced Americans to cut back on costs. Many are opting for “staycations” by choosing not to travel when they have time off.

But experts say there are still plenty of travel deals for those who want or need to get somewhere.

There are a number of inexpensive ways to make use of the airline industry. The truth they don’t want you to know is that anyone with time and determination can find rock-bottom prices to any destination in the world.

“Everyone’s saying the fares are going up, but there are still many, many, many cheap tickets,” says George Hobica, creator of the travel Web site.

We asked Hobica and Candy Harrington, editor of Emerging Horizons, a magazine on accessible travel, for some tips on how to find them. The bottom line: You can get a cheap fare, but you’re going to need to be very flexible.

Here are five ways to fly for cheap even after increasing fares.


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