Sri Lanka is a beautiful country with beaches, tea plantations, jungles and breathtaking landscapes. To many, Sri Lanka is a dream destination for a vacation. However, travelling in Sri Lanka is a bit on the expensive side. Leaving aside the costs of visa, and air travel fees which vary from place to place, the mere cost of the vacation could burn a hole in your pocket. Saying that, it is also true that if you plan it in a proper manner, you will be able to fulfill your dream of visiting the beautiful country without making your budget go haywire.

budget travelling in sri lankaCost Cutting Tips:

Since Sri Lanka is a somewhat expensive travel destination than India and Nepal for example, you need to plan your budget well in advance of the trip. Remember, you will probably need to spend about 80 dollar or more, per person per day. Below given are some tips on how you can keep your expenses there in control:

  • Accommodation: On an average be prepared to spend 30 dollars or so per day for a single room which might include breakfast too. It is prudent to book your room before you arrive at a specific destination. You can also opt for a home stay, which will probably include food too.
  • Food: If you choose to eat local food from decent restaurants you will have it cheaper. Also, you will be pleasantly surprised by the variety of the food you will get. But remember, if you are on a shoe string budget, it might be more logical to stick to basic Rice and Curry. And if you believe in experimenting, try small food shops.
  • Transport: Do try out the local transport, like bus and tuktuks. However, the transport cost in the beautiful island is a bit on the higher side. Therefore you can also rent a motor bike or moped, which will definitely be cheaper than the public transport and you will have much freedom while travelling on it. But if you plan to travel around the city, a real bike will be more suitable to the landforms of the country. You can also try the trains, which are cheap but tend to run late.
  • Travel to different tourist spots: in Sri Lanka, there are entry fees to temples and museums and usually the tourists have to cough up more money than the locales. Instead you can ask the locales for lesser known but equally interesting places, and if you are in luck they might have free entries.
  • Tipping: tipping is a common practice in Sri Lanka, just like India. Generally a service charge of 10 percent is already levied, but people would still expect a tip from you. But there is no need to go overboard with the tipping.

Apart from these, it is advisable to take a local SIM for you mobile phone. If you are okay with extreme weather, as in too hot and too rainy weathers, you can choose to visit Sri Lanka during the off seasons, which will mean you will have a cheaper trip.


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