China or the People’s Republic of China occupies a huge geographical area in Eastern Asia and has the world’s largest population. Millions of people visit China for both travel and business purpose and the good news is that the trip can be made into a budget travel with few tricky steps.

The temples, festivals, Great Wall and other attractions cannot be compromised when you are a tourist, but yes other factors like moving around, accommodation, food and entertainment can definitely be chosen with wisdom to save some pennies. Here are some useful tips for you if you are planning a budget travel to China –

travel to china on budget

Pre Planning Judiciously

Planning your travel to China beforehand and with thorough research can help you save a lot of money. People generally tend to visit the big cities of this country and spend up the majority of cash. This is surprising; but a fact that what you would spend in one day in such cities, with the same amount you can easily live for 3-4 days in other Chinese cities. Of course, if you are going there as a tourist you would actually want to see the major tourist spots, in that case shortlist 2-3 attractions in a city and try to get out of that place within a day as costs of food and accommodation is really high there!

Take a Train Ride

The cheapest mode of travelling in China is train. The train tickets are almost 75% cheaper than the airplane tickets to the same destination. If you can travel overnight in a train, you would save the cost of one night accommodation in a hotel. The seats in the train is not cushioned and as comfortable as you would get in a flight but a train ride also gives you the opportunity to know the local people, their habits, and catch a glimpse of the native lifestyle.

Prefer Hostels Instead of Hotels

If you are a traditional backpacker, you will already accept this truth that hostels are much cheaper than even the most budgeted hotels. The hostels in China are definitely not dirty, loud and uncomfortable; instead they have all the facilities that a 3 star hotel would provide you. If you are solo traveller, you can easily get into a dorm bed; or else if you wish for privacy with family or spouse opt for the private rooms in hostels. Undoubtedly they are way cheaper!

Avoid Using Credit Cards

Use your money wisely. Credit cards are secret killers; you don’t realise how much you have spent unless you are back home. Take as much as cash that sounds safe since China is known for its pick-pocketers. Avoid exchanging currency at the airport; they give you the worst rates or else take only the amount that is needed to hire your taxi to the accommodation.

Eat Local Delicacies at Low Profile Eateries

Food costs moderate in China, however you can opt for the local eateries and roadside shops to taste the native food without paying much.

Visiting China itself sounds expensive; but following the above mentioned tips you would surely enjoy your trip without worrying much about the expenses.


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