Travelling in Japan as we know is very expensive, the most expensive being accommodation and travel in Japan. However, there are a few very convenient and budget friendly options that can be explored for stay and travel in Japan in case you are going on a tight budget too.

Travelling on a Tight Budget in Japan

Planning for the Travel

Look for cheap airfare to Japan online. A lot of options are available if you search online and compare prices before you book your air tickets to Japan.

Timing the Travel

Planning to visit at a time when you can avail of off season discounts as well as cheap public transport availability will save you precious bucks and fit your travel into you budget as well. Build your itinerary around the summer months but be careful to avoid the rainy season. Also it is best to avoid the first week of May and mid- August time for your travel as these are festival times in Japan and may end up costing you more on your accommodation or conveyance.

The SeishunJuhacchi (18) Kippu train pass is the cheapest train fare you could possibly get in Japan. But these passes are offered seasonally. Find out from the net when these passes are available. Timing your travel to coincide with availability of these passes will make it cheap for you.

Commuting in Japan

Avoid cabs once in Japan as they are very expensive. Avail the train and bus passes. Also you may take the overnight highway buses for intercity travel. These are all cheap options and works out well for a tight budget. You could opt to ride a rented bike or hitchhike too which are also cheap practical options.

Accommodation in Japan

A lot of cheap options are available for accommodation in Japan. Your ultimate choice for your period of stay in Japan will obviously depend on the group you are travelling with. For very cheap places to choose from try out internet cafes and camping sites. A very interesting way to solve your accommodation problem is to travel overnight in buses or trains. This way you will be arriving at your destination without having to spend on accommodation.

Food in a tight budget in Japan

Japan offers a number of noodle joints which will offer food at a very cheap price.


Volunteering for environment friendly work is another option you may want to explore for reducing your costs on food and accommodation. There are projects where you can volunteer for a few hours for such work and get food and accommodation for free.

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