There are many times that we add up in our heads the cost of the travel and accommodations and don’t take into consideration any of the other numerous costs that will come up while we are traveling. [Budget travel]

Oftentimes this leaves us short on money and a bit irritated because we do not have the funds we thought we would while traveling.

Not only do we forget about those little costs but we also spend our money on some ridiculous things that we should not be spending our money on.

budget travelSome added and unnecessary expenses that may come up while traveling [travel arrangement] that you should not even waste your money on are expenses that for some reason we always give into and these expenses seem to always be impulse purchases.

For example, food and drinks at the airport are so expensive and so unnecessary. Eat and drink before you go to the airport, from home. Eat and drink as soon as you get to your destination but whatever you do don’t eat or drink at the airport because you will spend five times as much money on food and drinks as you should.

Never order breakfast in bed or room service and never make calls from your hotel room. And why even waste your money on stupid and cheap souvenirs that will only end up in your attic or basement or better yet your trash can?

commercial travel photosNever purchase professional commercial photos while traveling you will find the photos taken with your own camera will be just as good and just as memorable if not more so.

Grab a stranger and ask them to take a picture of your group but don’t pay exorbitant amounts of money on professional and commercial photographers while you are traveling.

Do not purchase formal clothing while you are traveling, you will only wear this once. Do not go on horse-drawn carriage rides just because they are being offered or just because your kids beg you to and do not purchase packaged bus tours.

Instead of spending your money on the above things that are a complete waste of your money, invest in the important things that really well make your trip nicer and more memorable.

Some of these things are a good hotel with a great room and a balcony and possibly a view. Spend your money on one nice dinner at a fine restaurant in the area so you can get an idea of how the locals live.


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