Traditional cruising experience has changed over the past few years and water parks are now an essential part of a cruise ship.

Royal Caribbean’s 3,634- Passenger Freedom of the Seas is the first cruise ship with an enclosed water park and surfing simulator called the Flow Rider.

Gigantic Oasis of the Seas has two Flow Riders on board of it and in 2009 the Carnival created a huge impression when it has built four water sliders on the new Carnival Dream, its 303 foot slide being the longest one on the sea.

The Norwegian Epic put enters the scene of the ultimate cruise attraction with a slide having a big bowl allowing the users to spin around in.
Still starting with 2011 the Disney Dream will leave all the above behind with a new project involving a complete water riding theme park onboard in this famous cruise.

If you are looking for maximum fun and enjoyment while traveling through water slides, the following cruises are some of the best at the sea.

Carnival Dream-Twister & Drain Pipe has the most attractive water features called “Water Works.” The passengers can enjoy the ride on a pair of 80 feet long racing slide or with 104 feet long enclosed spiral slide that is the biggest at this moment in the sea.

Other Carnival Top Class ships have all been added interesting water sliding features like two or three Deck High Twister Sliders.

Disney Dream – Aquaduck is coming by 2011to break all the records in cruise water parks. The Aquaduck by Disney Dream will be a gigantic 765-foot long, four deck high water ride. It will have a high-speed ride around the ships top deck perimeter, transparent acrylic flume to take the riders 13 feet out and 150 feet above the sea and of course spectacular special lighting effects for more excitement.

Norwegian Epic – Epic Plunge & Super Bowl is a 240 foot long Epic Plunge Bowl that has along a slide called super bowl. The four-deck-high slide starts with a ride down a covered tunnel in an inner tube before riders land up in the “Super Bowl” to do some crazy spinning.

Royal Caribbean’s freedom of the seas & Oasis of the Seas- H2O Zone and Flow Riders is the name of unconventional water sliding called. Creating a wave per minute through thousand of gallons of water this ride gives the guests a realistic surfing experience.

Costa Cruises – Waterslides are present in all of Costa ships. The open serialized slides are about 200 feet long and are about 25 feet high which are tall enough to make you scream.

Photo Credit: Carnival Cruise Lines


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