Remember that the next time you’re tempted to scold your impossible, uncooperative preschooler in the middle of Walt Disney World, peck away on your BlackBerry poolside, instead of jumping in and playing Marco Polo with the kids, or disown your teen who refuses to leave her hotel room, yet complains of being bored.

Of course, traveling with children is stressful no matter what their ages and especially now as we question the expense of getting away and worry whether or not our jobs will be there when we get back.

And then the kids ratchet up the stress level by whining, complaining, and sulking.

But then there are those wonderful, albeit infrequent, I’ll-never-forget-this, thanks-for-bringing-me moments.

That’s why we need to keep “taking the kids” (and grandkids), despite the dire economic outlook and their imperfect behavior. (They’re kids after all!)

Years from now, they’ll remember screaming themselves hoarse on that new roller-coaster, their first time down an expert ski slope, catching a big enough fish to cook for dinner, hiking up the side of a waterfall, seeing a Broadway musical or scanning Paris from the top of the Eiffel Tower.



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