Loews hotels are a well known chain when it comes to luxury hotel services. There is no question why we would choose a lavish hotel, and when we choose Loews, we are choosing super expensive hotels. Still it would be better to know exactly what are our money going to buy.

harbor plaza at loews hotel

The Loews hotel in Orlando is one of the biggest hotels at the Universal complex. It has 750-rooms and offers Portofino’s best services when it comes to expensive pleasures.

loews hotel adult pool

Loews offers spacious rooms, three huge pools, a super famous spa – the Mandara Spa and 24-hours room service. It is certainly one of the best hotels in Portofino, but still it holds its negatives.


At the first glance the hotel is proper for honeymooners and couples and stays far from the idea of the atmosphere from any family hotel. Loews is a hotel, in which you go to relax in a lavish way, but for a normal tourist you surely would like to prefer something cheaper and cozier, than the exclusive and the super majestic offered by the interior of the Loews.

loews hotel harbor plaza

This hotel will give you fine dining and wines from all over the world, but still you will have to pay almost double than in any other hotel. You can have oysters and black caviar from the room service, but you cannot have the touristic spirit and the free feeling of the cheaper vacations.

The bottom line is the hotel is amazing but not the place for budget travelers.


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