Beatle-mania is still alive and well in 2010 and if you’re one of the millions of fans of John, Paul, George, and Ringo, you should take a trip over to Liverpool, England to enjoy the International Beatle Week Festival that’s taking place from Aug. 25 to 31st 2010.

The festival is one of the largest music events on the planet and takes place in Liverpool, the city where it all began for the Fab Four. There are plenty of things to see and do that you don’t even have to be a huge Beatle fan to enjoy yourself, though it’ll probably help.

The international event features about 200 musical groups from more than 20 countries and it attracts fans from over 40 different nations.

Along with the series of live concerts, you’ll be able to enjoy numerous other attractions such as memorabilia sales, exhibitions, video shows, guest speakers, a convention and sightseeing tours.

The Beatle Week Festival is held at several excellent venues including the famous Cavern Club, the Cavern Pub, the Philharmonic Hall, the Adelphi Hotel, and the historic Liverpool Cathedral.

This year’s festival will also feature the British premier of the critically-acclaimed Canadian film called ‘Let Him Be.’ It will be broadcast on Sun. Aug. 29 at the Adelphi Hotel and the film’s director, Peter McNamee, will be on hand for a question and answer session following the screening.

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