So you have decided to pack your bags and leave for a solo trip to somewhere far off but are still confused about which destination to choose. Travelling alone for single females can definitely be a fun experience but only if you choose your destination after enough consideration.

The choice that you make must be dependent upon safety, shopping, scenery and interest. Keeping these in mind, we have shortlisted the 8 best travel destinations for single females:

1. Ireland

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This is one of the best destination for solo females who love socializing and enjoying scenic views. This is a place where females will feel at home and go out for solo photo-shoots of the beautiful countryside.

2. Las Vegas

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Who said ladies couldn’t gamble and enjoy casinos? The nightlife and bar hopping experience in Las Vegas is totally amazing and a lot of females enjoy this trip to the fullest, given the loads of activities to do and the safety inside casinos.

3. Tucson, Arizona

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Another destination which is a hot favorite among single females is Tucson, Arizona. This is for the ladies who love their meditation, spas and relaxation and the place boasts of several beautiful museums which many female travelers are seen spending hours in.

4. Thailand

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Thailand is surely beaches for a lot of bachelor trips but who said it isn’t a superb place for solo female travelers? The relaxing beaches, the many water sports and the cheap shopping are well suited for females who are on their own.

5. Vietnam

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If you are in the mood for a solo trip, then opt for Vietnam, thanks to its awesome boat tours, beautiful landscape and the amazing shopping experience that it offers. Moreover, people in this Asian country are very friendly and hospitable.

6. Amsterdam

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This destination is ideal for female solo travelers as no one here would bother to harass your for wearing micro minis or low cut tops. Its lineup of cafes is ideal for your vacation alone.

7. Costa Rica

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This is a superb place for women who enjoy adventure and is a place where you will feel welcomed and respected. It offers a good trip for budget travelers.

8. Iceland

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The dreamlike scenery of Iceland, together with its lava rock healing pools makes it perfect for single female travelers who are looking for a little time out away from friends, families and boys. Don’t forget to check out the shopping, museums and the restaurant experience here.


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