The annual Winterlude Festival is set to take place in Canada’s capital city of Ottawa, which is located in the province of Ontario, on three exciting weekends between Feb. 4th and 21st. The festival was launched back in 1979 as a way to celebrate the unique culture and northern climate of Canada.

Winterlude will run on the weekends and will feature many winter activities. However, many of the venues will be open everyday of the 17-day event. Most of the activities will be free with the exception of some sporting events. The festival attracts about 600,000 visitors each year who come to enjoy the fun activities.

Visitors are welcome to ice skate on the largest skating rink in the world and can play in the biggest snow playground in North America. There will also be competitions for ice sculptures as well as many other fun-filled activities and sites.

Of course while you’re in Ottawa you can explore the interesting city and its history. The local countryside also has a lot to offer and there are restaurants and hotels to suit all types of travel budgets.


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