cap dailCap d’Ail is a jewel of the French Riviera jutting out into the Mediterranean Sea and conveniently situated between Monaco and Nice, and a truly French town in all its facets.

Not only does it offer convenient prices and lovely sites to visit, but it is also an ideal place to set off from when you wish to take advantage of the numerous activities Nice and Monaco have to offer tourists.

It offers a refuge from the more crowded areas and added choice and economy for eating and sleeping.

The access down to the small but breath-taking beach facing on to the Mediterranean Sea can be quite demanding, for it takes beach lovers up to thirty minutes, to follow the winding steps down to the beach. [Beach vacation]

This is probably why tourists prefer to stay in Monaco, for they are discouraged by the difficult access on to the beach at Cap d’Ail, and prefer the ease of walking out from their hotel right on to the beach. There are also many panoramic walks to take in order to admire the dramatic coastal scenery.

Once on the beach of Cap D’Ail you can enjoy an all day lazing about on the sand and taste the delicious French seafood specialities at the restaurants on the beach or stroll along the seafront path, which is in fact one kilometre of slippery and rocky pathway that leads you directly to the more fashionable resort of Monaco.


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