Utah is a unique state having numerous landscapes and plenty of recreational opportunities for families no matter where your interests lie.

You can explore and discover some of the more famous sites and attractions that are in Utah and perhaps you will find an out of the way must see attraction while you are there.

Bryce Canyon National Park

Bryce Canyon National Park is filled with colorful treasures and is a fine example of how the wind, water and geologic activity have shaped the area.

Some of Bryce Canyon National Park’s more popular activities include touring the area by car, photographing the spectacular landscape, hiking through the back country and mountain biking.

You can also indulge in off road riding and take a ride on horseback for a unique perspective of the fabulous sights that surround you. Try to catch at least one magnificent sunrise and don’t miss the glorious setting of the sun.

Capitol Reef National Park

Canyons, cliffs, and formations of sandstone characterize Capitol Reef National Park. A unique feature of the park is a bulge that is 100 miles long found in the crust of the earth that is called the Waterpocket Fold.

Capitol Reef National Park is an area of wilderness where rocks are given names to describe them such as Cathedral Valley, Grand Wash and Hickman Bridge to name just a few.

Much of the National Park is easily explored in a vehicle along the paved roads that are around and inside the park. Capitol Reef National Park boasts excellent hiking trails where you can see such sights as Burro Wash, Cassidy Arch Trail and Cohab Canyon. These are just a few of the hiking trails that Capitol Reef National Park contains.

If you are fond of rock and mountain climbing, Capitol Reef National Park will satisfy those that are novices as well as veterans. Before attempting any climbing it is well advised that you get all the literature that will inform and warn you of the dangers and how to get a permit to make your climb.

Zion National Park

Utah’s oldest National Park is Zion. It was established in 1919 and most visitors find themselves at Zion Canyon. It is said that Zion National Park welcomes almost three million visitors in a single year.

Activities include golf, hiking, biking as well as a number of other recreational activities. Near the park there are towns and villages that are chock full of restaurants, shopping opportunities and plenty of galleries for those looking for a bit of culture.


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