1. Hermanus

Hermanus is a town of South Africa, which is famous as the best destination for observing whales and dolphins. Moreover, the place is called the Riviera of the South. The annual Hermanus Whale Festival is one of the reasons that attract tourists from all around the world.

From May till October, Hermanus is the best place to watch whales like the Bryde’s whales, Killer Whales, which are the most common in South Africa and Humpback whales.

2. Kona & Maui

Hawaii is also one of the best areas to observe the whales, especially the part of Kona and Maui. The beautiful islands are famous destination not only because of their landscapes and attractive vacation spot, but because of the whales and their majestic play in the Ocean’s waters.

From May till October, when it is the season of the whales you can observe the behavior of the Humpback whales. Surprisingly they can even be observed near the shore-waters, which is rare and it shows the natural and undisturbed behavior of those mighty creatures. Dolphins are also part of the attractions in the Hawaiian Islands.

3. Azores

The Azores have always been a popular vacation destination, but in case you want to observe the beauty of the whales, there is one part of Azores you surely must see. The Azores Archipelago is nearly 950 miles away from Lisbon and it is praised as one of the best places in Europe for observation of Cetaceans.

From April to October, thousands of tourists are visiting the place to watch the mighty whales. In case you are visiting the place in the season, which is from February to June you will see Blue whales, Sei whales, Killer whales and Fin whales.

4. Kaikoura

Kaikoura is located in New Zealand and it is one of the places with magical atmosphere and unique landscape. The canyons that surround the sea are just stunning, while the ambient is surely something you will never forget.

One of the best points for whale watching is the east coast of the South Island of New Zealand. It is a popular touristic area, where you can observe the stars of the sea – the famous Giant Sperm Whales. Here you can also observe the Humpback whales and the Blue whales. The world’s largest dolphin – the Orca is also one of the biggest attractions in Kaikoura.


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