Mauritius has always been home to super luxury resorts, exclusive hotel services and breathtaking views. There is no question why the island is a preferable vacation spot for the richest people on the earth.

Port Louis is the capital of this terrific piece of paradise and there are a lot of attractions, which you need to visit.

One of the best is the Citadel-Fort Adelaide, which will surely attract those of you who love history. The citadel was built in 1835 by the British colonists, who have used it as a watch tower.

Another reason to visit this tremendous island is its night-party life, restaurants with local and international food, racing and waterfront local houses.

Here certainly the spirit of the sophistication feels at home and that is proven by several 5 stars resorts, which are offering all kind of super luxury services.

Diving is one of the most gorgeous experiences here, because of the amazing coral reefs and fishes that can be observed only in this island.

The best time to visit Mauritius is during the summer season – from May to November. Don’t miss out the taste of the local sweet specialty: fruit crème brûlée, which is made following a special local recipe.


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