The Kingdom of Norway is placed in Northern Europe between the Atlantic and Arctic Ocean. The amazing scenery here is created by the Scandinavian Alps which rule the land with beautiful mountain tops.

The most wonderful show unleashed by the nature, here, close to the Northern Pole is the dance of Aurora Borealis, a real life display of wonders in the sky.

The tourists can see the phenomena every year between March–April and September–October and they can admire the spectacular movement of color and light generated by the impact of the solar wind particles on the Earth’s magnetic field.

The Aurora seems a horizontal curtain spread over the sky, vividly colored and constantly changing. Using this natural treasure, Norway has developed a large amount of options for the tourists to spend their time which is a good thing since the Northern light attract people from all over the world.

Thousands of tourists come to Norway just to see this unique show of lights offered by nature and the dancing lights are something everybody loves and finds impressive.

Even if today their mystery that for years has haunted the human mind is solved, the local legends are ready to share with the visitors the mystical origins of the Nordic lights.

Photo Credit: Arnar Valdi marsson


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