Taipei, Taiwan is one of the most interesting cities to visit in all of Asia. It’s the home to many attractions and sites, such as bustling markets, historic temples, world class museums, and hot springs. If there’s anything that you can’t find in the city, you’ll surely be able to locate it close by. These are some of the most popular and fascinating spots in and around the wonderful city of Taipei.

1. Yangmingshan National Park

(photo credit: edumariz)

This gorgeous park is filled with rocky cliffs, alpine meadows, and tranquil lakes. The park lies about 30 minutes outside of Taipei. Between February and March you’ll find cherry blossoms in bloom as well as many other colourful gardens. There are also about 150 butterfly species in the park on the mountain peaks and hiking trails.

2. Shihlin and Raohe Night Markets

(photo credit: perhapstoopink)

Taipei is crawling with many interesting and bustling night markets which just have to be experienced. You’ll be able to shop for clothes, food, knickknacks, and arts and crafts at most of them, which usually open from about 5pm up until midnight. One of the most popular markets is Shihlin where you can also have your fortune told while sampling the excellent local dishes. Another good market is Raohe as it often offers free stage performances.

3. Beitou Hot Springs

(photo credit: tydence)

There are many resorts in Taiwan that feature hot springs, with several of them being located in the nearby town of Beitou. This town has had hot springs resorts ever since 1896. It’s an easy spot to get to these days due to a new transit system. The thermal waters are excellent here and you can learn a lot of history at the Beitou Hot Springs Museum.

4. Taipei 101

(photo credit: globalcitizen01)

Taipei 101 is a huge skyscraper with 101 stories, hence the name. It’s one of the tallest buildings in the world and stands at a height of 1667 feet. There’s an observation deck in it as well as office and a shopping center. And of course the 360-degree views are simply amazing. The elevators in Taipei 101 are believed to be the fastest in the world. You can reach the 89th floor in just 38 seconds.

5. National Palace Museum

(photo credit: paulinUijeongbu)

This popular museum is filled with many of the nation’s treasures. Oddly enough it’s the home to the biggest collection of Chinese artifacts in the world. This is because many of them were taken to Taiwan in the 1940s for safety reasons when Chairman Mao took over China. One of the most famous piecesis a bronze image of Buddha that dates back to 1782.

6. Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall

(photo credit: pacificmorningpost)

This site is dedicated to Sun Yat-sen, the man who is generally regarded as being the founder of modern-day China. You’ll be able to see the changing of the guard a few times each day as well as a 20-foot statue of Sun Yat-sen. You’ll also find exhibition rooms that showcase some of Sun Yat-sen’s private articles. The beautifully-manicured grounds feature flowers and hedges.

7. Longshan Temple

(photo credit: egovirus)

This is known as one of the most important and historic temples in Taiwan. Its roots can be traced back to 1738 and it’s still standing today after surviving typhoons, earthquakes, and World War II bombing. It’s filled with sculptures, ornaments, and bronze works of art. The temple sits in the Wanhua District of the city, which is home to several other interesting sites such as Snake Alley, Herb Lane and some more temples.


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