The Alps will always be an adventurous destination and this is proven by anyone that ever saw the beauty of this tremendous route.

For those of you, who never visited this European glorious mountain, just take the trip to two of the Alps treasures- Julier Pass and Silvaplana. Julier Pass is the start of your journey in Bivio that is located at 1769 m.

The amazing view and the magnificent atmosphere will guide you to Silvaplana at 1815 m eastern from Julier Pass. Those two peaks are often called “miracles of the mountain”, for they represent mighty beauty and breathe taking nature.

Tiefencastel is also a must-visit place, because it is the area where two rivers meet in a spectacular way. Julia River meets Albula River high in the mountains.

There is also a special road to follow those rivers to the next must see place- the Lake Marmorera Reservoir. It is an artificial lake founded in 1954 and now serves as source for electricity power plant.

The old villages nearby the lake represent the real spirit of Alps. For those of you, who want an authentic atmosphere-, just find a house to rent in one of those villages. The Alps have also their luxury resorts and apartments, but the real beauty lies only at the places, where the nature is almost untouched.


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