It is common knowledge that Antigua is home to some of the most breathtaking beaches in the world. But what is one to do if one member of their party should (gasp) tire of spending their holiday lounging at the beach?

Fortunately, Antigua offers many great sights to see and things to do. Read on to learn more.

antiguaNational Parks

Antigua is home to four national parks. Each offers something different to explore.

Nelson’s Dockyard

According to Antigua’s National Parks website, Nelson’s Dockyard is the oldest Georgian Dockyard that has been in continuous use in the entire world. During the Napoleonic Wars, Nelson’s Dockyard served as the home base of the British fleet. Today it continues to serve as a working port, and also offers several other things to see and do.

Antigua’s largest National Park serves as a port for the yachts and ships that travel here today. Visitors can also explore the Dockyard Museum. This museum, the current resident of the old Admiral’s House, displays exhibits on the dockyard’s history as well as information about the archaeological research being conducted today. The area is also home to galleries, shops, restaurants, and Antigua hotels.

Green Castle Hill

Green Castle Hill is one of the highest peaks on the island. Accessible only by hiking trail, the reward for climbing to the top is the opportunity to explore Antigua’s megaliths. These impressive rock formations appear to have been present at the time of the Amerindian settlements in Antigua. However, whether the structures were built by the inhabitants or created by the volcano that once inhabited the island is still being debated today. Embark on the hike and form your own opinion.

Fort Barrington

Located at the top of Goat Hill, Fort Barrington has the distinction of being the only fort that has seen military action in Antigua. It was captured by the French in 1666. They maintained possession until 1667.

Today, Fort Barrington is known for its incredible views of the sunset.

Devils Bridge

Devil’s Bridge is the only National Park that is a completely natural formation. It is actually a reef that has been arched after centuries of withstanding the waves of the Atlantic Ocean. The site also is home to geysers and blowholes. A dangerous hike, the unique landscape makes the trek worthwhile.

Amerindian site is also located here. Scholars believe the area may have been used as a fishing settlement.

Shirley Heights

Shirley Heights has been said to host one of the most spectacular views in all of the Caribbean. From the Shirley Heights Lookout you can see Guadeloupe and Montserrat. If you are looking to party in Antigua, Shirley Heights is the place to be. Come in the evening for breathtaking views and out of this world entertainment.

If you are more of a morning person, and love a slice of local flavor, the next item on the list is for you.

St. John’s Saturday Morning Market

This is where you will find the real Antigua. A traditional market hosting vendors from all corners of the island, the St. John’s Saturday Morning Market has something for everyone. Find local produce and food, handmade crafts, and more.

After you have seen all these sights, you can get back to that relaxing beach vacation. You’ve earned it.


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