If you’d like to take the kids out for the day, but don’t really want to spend it in a theme park; there are several other locations in Canada they will enjoy.

These are some of the best destinations forthem to have fun and do a little bit of learning as well.

1. Toronto, Ontario, the Toronto Zoo

( Photo Credit: dennistt)

The Toronto Zoo is one of the best in the world, not just in Canada. It’s filled with a wonderful array of creatures from all corners of the world. You’ll find a fantastic selection of animals, such as tigers, bears, and giraffes as well as many different species of colourful fish. It’s a wonderful location for children to have fun, be entertained, and learn all at the same place and time.

2. Niagara Falls, Ontario

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Kids just love Niagara Falls as there’s so much for them to do thereNot only do they get to see one of Canada’s wonders, they’ll also be entertained by a variety of museums, rides, and the Marinelandmarine park. There are numerous fine restaurants and family activities to enjoy. There’s no better way to view the Falls than from below while taking a boat ride on the famous Maid of the Mist.

One of the most educational attractions is called Niagara’s Fury. This is an interactive feature that explains how Niagara Falls was created.

3. Edmonton, Alberta, Fort Edmonton Park

( Photo Credit:  grant_subaru)

Fort Edmonton Park is well known as the one of the nation’s biggest and best living history museums. There are plenty of activities and exhibits that will stir the imagination of visitors of all ages. Children are usually fascinated by the wide variety of attractions in the museum.

4. Victoria, British Columbia, the Victoria Bug Zoo


( Photo Credit: jay d )

The small insects at Victoria’s Bug Zoo definitely won’t annoy you. This is an ideal spot for childrento get a close-up look at some amazing creatures in a harmless environment. These include scorpions, walking-sticks, and tarantulas. It’s a lot of fun as well as educational.

5. Valcartier, Quebec, Valcartier Vacation Village, Que

( Photo Credit: nlaspf)

The Valcartier Vacation Village sits about 20 minutes outside of old Quebec City. It’s a wonderful destination for youngsters, especially during the hot Canadian summers as there are over a dozen attractions and rides that are water-themed.

6. Churchill, Manitoba

( Photo Credit: ucumari )

This popular city in the prairie province of Manitoba is well known as the world’s polar bear capital. You’ll be able to show the children majestic polar bears and they can also try their hand at kayaking and snorkelling in Hudson Bay, where there’s a good chance they’ll also be able to view some beluga whales.

7. Algonquin Park, Ontario

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Ontario’s Algonquin Park is a favourite destination for kids who love camping, hiking, and the outdoors. There are a dozen campgrounds in the enormous park as well as 14 adventurous hiking trails. The wilderness park is about 5,000 square miles in size and is one of Canada’s most amazing outdoor areas.

8. Drumheller, Alberta, the Royal Tyrrell Museum

( Photo Credit:  baggis)

If your kids are interested in dinosaurs, they’ll surely love this museum as the local region is the best in North America when it comes to discovering dinosaur bones. In fact, more bones and fossils have been located here than in any other region of the continent. All of the bones are brought to life in wonderful exhibits at the Royal Tyrrell Museum.

9. Grouse Mountain, Vancouver, British Columbia

( Photo Credit: rickie22)

There’s a famous attraction at this mountain known as the Grouse Grind challenge. It’s ideal for families and their children as it’s a fun-filled climb to the top of Grouse Mountain. Once on the peak, you’ll be able to get some spectacular views and then relax as you ride down the mountain on the aerial tram.

10. The Bay of Fundy, New Brunswick

( Photo Credit: bk_ )

This area on Canada’s east coast is home to some amazing waterfront views and is also the home of the Hopewell rocks, which feature the highest tides on the planet. The energetic youngsters will also get a kick out of hiking along the Fundy Trail.


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