The New Year brings lots of opportunities and of course lots of new cities to explore. In case you are fan of traveling, here are the top travel targets for 2011.

Europe has always something to show, therefore plan your spring break exactly there. Iceland is on the top of the targets to visit, for it is a charming country that offers amazing views. Don’t forget to visit Iceland’s famous geysers, as well as the largest waterfall in Europe – Dettifos, located in northeast of Iceland.

Finland is also a country, which should be visited in 2011. If you are interested in history, then Turku is the right Finland city to visit. It is a medieval city with rich history and culture. Don’t miss out the typical Finnish bath, which attracts thousands of tourists each year.

In case you want to go to hotter places, then New Zealand should be the first in your must visit list. Wellington is the right city, if you want to be part of great parties, fine restaurants and of course a taste of local culture. The national Rugby Cup is another reason to visit this exotic country.

If you want to stay in the U.S., but still have your trip, New York City offers a lot. Next year the city has many anniversaries to mark. The enigmatic Statue of Liberty turns 125 years in October, while Carnegie Hall marks 120 years from its creation. The Museum of the Moving Image is reopening in NY, so go for it.

If New York is too noisy for your taste, visit Atlanta. The New Year will bring lots of things to the city: the Georgia Aquarium will open its doors with renewed 1.3 million dolphin exhibit. The Lego land Discovery Center will open in the city, not the mention the Pirate museum, which is an attraction to remember.

Another city to visit is Tallinn, the Estonian capital. Next year this will be the European Capital of Culture with its dance, music and art.

Asia remains one of the favorite tourist targets for the New Year. China is the place that offers attraction, music, and culture as well as red carpet events in the new 2011.

India and Tibet also remain very popular for the upcoming year with all the exotic air that makes them unique.


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