A lot of people like to escape the winter weather by flying south and enjoying the sun and sand. However, these types of destinations can get quite busy. You might want to try out some cool destinations in the north during the winter as these places come alive when the cold weather arrives.

These are some of the best winter vacations you can take if you don’t mind the snow and colder temperatures:

1. Durango, Colorado, USA:


(photo credit: flissphil)

This wonderful destination in the Rocky Mountains is a winter wonderland. It’s pretty popular with couples as a romantic location. You’ll find some charming bed and breakfasts here and you’ll be able to take a romantic sleigh ride in the snow and relax in some exotic hot springs. If getting a look at the local countryside is a priority you should take the Durango to Silverton train ride through the Rockies.

Hiking, snowmobiling, and skiing are also common and popular in Durango. The Durango and Silverton Railroad also has a great family adventure called the Polar Express. This is an ideal adventure for youngsters as they’ll sing Christmas carols and drink hot chocolate in the decorated train.

2. Ice Hotel, Jukkasjarvi, Sweden:


(photo credit : rlaguna)

If you loved building forts, igloos and houses out of ice and snow when you were a kid you’ll love the ice hotel which is located in fascinating town of Jukkasjarvi, Sweden. It’s the oldest ice hotel on the globe and workers start putting it together in December. Once sections of it are built, the rooms are then rented out to visitors.

There are rooms available in various price ranges to suit all types of travel budgets. You’ll be able to enjoy your favourite drinks at the lovely Ice Bar and enjoy activities such as snowmobiling, ice sculpting, and dog sledding.

If you’re lucky you’ll get some exceptional views of the spectacular Northern Lights and if you’re in a romantic mood there’s an ice chapel available for those who’d like to tie the knot while on vacation. There’s a small version of the hotel in the summer months. This one will be located indoors at the Ice Art Center and it’ll be kept at a comfortable temperature of -5 degrees Fahrenheit.

3. Hershey, Pennsylvania, USA:


(photo credit: pquan)

This interesting city is famous for its chocolate and is often referred to as the sweetest place on earth. It’s a delight in the winter and you’ll find a wide choice of luxurious accommodations if you visit Hotel Hershey. These rooms range from cottages to five-star suites.

The hotel is also famous for its steam rooms, facials, saunas, and massages. The city is also home to the equally charming Hershey Lodge, which offers rooms and a host of dining choices. When the holiday season arrives, the city is lit up with 2 million seasonal lights and offers festivals and rides which are ideal for visiting families.

4. Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin, USA:


(photo credit: cursedthing)

If you’re really in the mood for the beach, but can’t make it, then you can head over to the fun city of Wisconsin Dells in Wisconsin. You’ll find the Kalahari, which is one of North America’s most popularindoor water parks here. It’s 125,000 square feet in size and offers several creative attractions and rides. These include an indoor wave pool, an uphill rollercoaster, and the Lazy River.

The park also has a hotel if you’d like to stay on site. However, if that’s not to your liking, there are several other water parks in the city, including Chula Vista and the Great Wolf Lodge. In addition, there are some excellent ski resorts nearby, such as Cascade Mountain and Christmas Mountain. The city also features zip line adventures, sleigh rides, snowboarding, concert venues, and dinner theaters.


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