The smallest state in the world possesses the biggest treasures.

The Vatican City doesn’t require a special reason to visit it. The Vatican is the only absolutely monarchy in Europe, as the Pope is the head of the state.

This is the place that is visited by millions of people each year. The Vatican is a world treasury as it combines history, an outstanding architecture and culture for which is described as the heartbeat of Europe.

vatican city

( Photo by Luigi FDV )

Take a walk in this city and you will see signs of the history anywhere. St. Peter’s Basilica is one of the symbols of Vatican and it is called the most beautiful church in the world.

Inside it you must see the Sistine Chapel, where the masters of the Renascence art created the most beautiful murals the human eye has the privilege to witness.

The Vatican Gardens are built to impress as they add unique charm and balance to the great architectural style of the city.

Everything in Vatican City deserves attention. Even the simplest Palazzos are carrying the mark of the human faith and passion for art.

This state has another reason to boast itself. The Vatican has the oldest standing army in the entire world. The Swiss Guard is guarding the city since 1506. The interesting fact about it is that exactly the Swiss Guards are the only allowed guards to watch over this piece of paradise.


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