Victoria Falls have always been the treasury of South Africa and since years it attracts millions of tourists, which are willing to spend their vacation near this mighty force of nature.

Victoria Falls is placed on the Zambezi River between the African countries of Zambia and Zimbabwe. The local name of the waterfall is Mosiah-OA-Tooney, which means blaring smoke because of its powerful noise the waters make.

victoria falls

The name Victoria was given by British explorer David Livingstone, who observed the waterfall during the 1852 expedition.

The natural beauty of the waterfall is a world attraction, which you surely must see. Getting there isn’t an issue, since the direct way is a flight to Johannesburg and then a transfer to the Livingstone International Airport in Zambia. There you will find many ways to travel to the Victoria Falls National Park.

One of the biggest adventures is the plunge over the waterfall. In case you want to discover more of this beauty, take the cruise, which will open amazing views of the Victoria Falls.

One of the most popular cruises is the Sundowner River cruise on the Zambezi River. A sunset there will surely leave you speechless. The prices aren’t expensive and the whole journey can cost you even less than $2000.


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