yellowstoneYellowstone Park is home to an extensive array of wild animals and is one of the biggest sanctuaries in the world.

Some of the animals, in particular the bears, have become very accustomed to human beings, due to the closeness of the staff that work there.

In recent times these grizzlies have been the source of many tourist tales of woe.

This region is the starting point of several great rivers including the Snake, Lewis and the Madison. It makes up the division between the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean.

There are some wonderful lakes which are home to many birds such as pelicans, geese and ospreys that hunt fish and are amazing to watch.

Trout abound and eagles can be spotted swooping over the high ridges. Rock formations are spectacular with the colors of the rainbow on show, amongst the green of the trees.

The wonderful Upper falls are over one hundred feet high with the lower ones almost three times that size, much larger in fact than the Niagara Falls.

There are many quiet trails where people will come across buffalo, moose and wapiti, grazing in herds. Other beasts, like the leghorn sheep, elks and pronghorn antelope can all be spotted within the park.

In the north-central part of Yellowstone the river can reach a depth of nearly 2000 feet as it cuts across the park. The facilities are excellent and there is a variety of different places to stay, from lodges to inns and reasonably priced cabins available to rent.

At almost nine thousand square kilometers, Yellowstone Park is a great place for a vacation, just be sure to look out for those friendly bears.

Yellowstone Park

Madison river

Lewis river

Snake river


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