Europe is one of the most popular continents in the world from the travelling point of view. Not only does it offer a gamut of choices for making your itinerary but also proves to be a complete package for both short and long trips. It is an ideal place to go for your honeymoon and also for travelling with friends.

But the trip can be made better or worse depending upon how you pack your bags. There are some essentials which one must not forget to carry when travelling to Europe. The following is a list of essentials for a Eurotrip.

what to pack for europe

Multi-Functional Convertible Bag

If you are planning to cover several places in your trip then it is important to first get a multi-functional convertible bag.  You must go for a lightweight and easy to carry bag which can be carried on the shoulders. It is always better to opt for a hybrid bag which can also be used as a strolled and has wheels.

Pack in Layers

It is a very smart idea to pack clothes which you can wear in layers because different places in Europe have different temperatures, even if they are just a train ride away.  Keep both loose and summery tees and slightly warm jackets which you can wear and take off as per requirement.  This also avoids the need to carry a lot of things because jackets can Ofcourse be repeated.

Choose Comfortable Footwear

One thing that is common all across Europe is the cobblestone streets.  It is a fact that Europe is best experienced on feet and hence you must carry a few pair of comfortable footwear to make the journey sweet.  Opt for atleast one pair of walking shoes with enough cushioning at the bottom and also for flip flops.

Essential Travel Accessories

From USB travel adapter to your own water bottle and from a travel pillow to a money belt, there are many travel accessories that you will need on your trip to Europe.  These smaller essentials may seem additional to some but can actually prove very useful while you are out there in foreign land.

Clothing and Footwear

As far as the clothing is concerned, you must have one lightweight, hooded and waterproof jacket, a few pair of jeans/trousers and shorts, a swimsuit, enough pair of undergarments, a warm jacket or coat, a hat or cap, several tops which can be layered together, formal attire for both men and women and light stoles.  Also, don’t forget to carry socks, handkerchiefs and atleast two pair of footwear.


some accessories that you will need include sunglasses, travel towel, a camera, a watch, reading material, earplugs, your mobile phone, a toiletry kit with sunscreen lotion, a medical aid kit, your prescribed medicines, chargers for electronics, mp3 music player for music and  sufficient currency.

It is important to pack light and take only essentials. Avoid carrying too much food or drinks.


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