If cruising is what attracts you to travel then here are 10 canal trips that will take you through some of the most beautiful cities of the world.

1. The Panama Canal, Panama


This is probably the most well known and the oldest among modern canal systems in the world. The Panama Canal is a 50-mile long water way that connects the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans. It takes one whole day to cross the canal. This is a must visit canal as it is frequented by huge cargo ships and you get to view them up-close from your cruise vehicle.  The canal is considered an engineering marvel.

2. New York State Canals, New York

New York State Canals, New York

This is a system of canals built in the 19th century covering a total of 524 miles of waterways between Albany and Buffalo. The most famous among them is the Erie Canal which travels through Rochester. The fun of this trip is that you can hire a boat and set sail along the canal all by yourself. Hired crew is also available.

3. Baltic Sea Canal, Russia


The White Sea is connected to the Baltic Sea at St. Petersburg in Russia through the 140 mile long Baltic Sea canal. The canal was constructed by prisoners in the 1930s. They toiled with their basic equipments such as picks and spades to build this epic canal system. This is one of the most scenic cruise that takes you through old wooden chapels and traditional villages.

4. Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark

This capital city of Denmark, Copenhagen is home to many canals that crisscross its landscape. The famous Little Mermaid Statute can be viewed in all its grandeur when cruising along all these canals. In summer the boats come equipped with open tops while in winter a glass roof provides clear view and protection from cold. Thus you have the option of going on this canal trip any time of the year.

5. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Breathtaking views of the city are what the canal trips in Amsterdam will promise you. This will be one of the most thrilling boat rides as you pass through low bridges, narrow old houses and arching trees. Dinner cruises are arranged in the evening, while houseboat facilities are also available to enjoy the backwaters. Day trips with sightseeing facility are also available. Pedal boats are for those who love to sail all alone without the hustle and bustle of the crew.

6. Black Sea Canal, Romania

Black Sea Canal, Romania

Built in 1984, this canal extends from Ruse on the Danube River to Constant on the Black Sea. This is a bird watcher’s delight as a trip through the canal passes by a rich delta that is home to more than 300 species of birds including pelican, egrets and herons.

7. Gota Canal, Sweden


It connects a number of lakes from Lake Vanern to the Baltic. With 58 locks operating along the canal system, it is a sight you cannot afford to miss. It’s worth watching how each one of them is opened and how the ship is maneuvered through each of the canals. With cruises lasting from a few hours to about a week, you could choose one that meets your schedule. If you like active water sports then paddling, kayaking and canoeing are all possible here.

8. Waterways of Brandenburg, Germany

Waterways of Brandenburg, Germany

These canals extend from Baltic to Berlin and will take you through quaint towns and castles. You will also come across an occasional heron or a turquoise kingfisher along your way. This is a way of enjoying the tranquility and the quiet of a rustic atmosphere.

9. Mediterranean canal, France

Mediterranean canal, France

This is a 5000-mile canal system that extends from the English Channel to the Mediterranean with most of it lining the landscape of France. Vineyards, local food, walled cities and the French countryside are the major attractions of this canal trip.

10. Shropshire Union Canal, England

Shropshire Union Canal, England

This is another scenic journey that takes you through the rolling meadows of the West Midlands. In some places the canal cuts through valleys, hills and magnificent bridges. The whole setting reminds you of another era where time stands still.


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