When the fall weather comes, it means many parts of the world are getting ready to celebrate Oktoberfest.

However, you don’t have to wait until the autumn to enjoy a cold beer.

These are some of the best beer gardens and halls across the globe.

1. Salzburg, Austria – The Braustubl Tavern

This popular beer tavern lies in the community of Mulln and it has been making its own beer since way back in 1621. It’s the biggest beer hall in all of Austria and the beer garden has seats for approximately 1,500 customers. The beer is poured from wooden barrels and it’s a self-serve hall and garden.

2. Munich, Germany – Hirschgarten

This historic beer hall can hold as many as 8,000 partygoers at a time. This makes it the Germany’s largest beer garden. People sit on benches and the only other sight you can see is other drinkers having a good time. It’s even a great place to take the family.

3. Sydney, Australia – The Lowenbrau Keller

Sydney, Australia – The Lowenbrau Keller

It’s no secret that the Australians love their beer. If you head down to the corner of Argyle and Playfair Streets you’ll find this beer hall in the popular Rocks district of the city. It’s a hopping place all year long, especially when it’s time to celebrate the annual Oktoberfest.

4. Tokyo, Japan – The Forest Beer Garden

Tokyo, Japan – The Forest Beer Garden

A good beer hall in Japan might surprise a few people, but if you head to Tokyo’s Meiji Shrine Outer Gardens you’ll come to the Forest Beer Garden. You’ll be able to drink several types of tasty beer and munch on some traditional German sausages.

5. Blumenau, Brazil – Praça Hercílio Luz

Blumenau, Brazil – Praça Hercílio Luz

This is actually a German settlement that sits in the Brazilian Santa Catarina state. It holds a very popular Oktoberfest event every year. In the year 2011, over 550,000 people showed up to the celebration and well over 626,000 quarts of beer were drunk. The 2012 event takes place from Oct. 10 to 28.

6. Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada – The Yaletown Brewing Company

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada – The Yaletown Brewing Company

The Yaletown Brewing Company is one of the most popular in the western Canadian province of British Columbia. It’s won several awards as one of the nation’s top brew pubs. It sits in one of the trendiest districts of the city and is located in an old warehouse that’s been fixed up. The company brews its own beer on site.

7. Munich, Germany – Airbrau at the Munich Airport

This is a good bit of news for travelers who have a stopover at Munich Airport. There’s actually a brewery and beer garden here for you to enjoy while you’re killing time. If you travel between terminal one and two through the courtyard you’ll hit the beer hall. Needless to say, it’s quite a popular place.

8. Brooklyn, New York, USA – The Radegast Hall and Biergarten


Brooklyn, New York, USA – The Radegast Hall and Biergarten

There have been a lot of drinking establishments in New York since the 1700s as well as quite a few German settlers. This is one of the most popular of them all. Not only do many Germans visit, but it’s also quite popular with local residents and visitors from Slovakia and the Czech Republic. This Queens-based beer garden is one of the last of the originals in the city.

9. Munich, Germany – Taxisgarten


Munich, Germany – Taxisgarten

The Taxisgarten is a little bit newer than the Hirschgarten since it opened up for business in 1924. It can serve frosty beer to 1,500 people at a time. Originally, the location was a sanatorium for veterans of the First World War.

10.  Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA – Estabrook Park Beer Garden

Milwaukee is famous across America for its beer. The city has been brewing excellent beer since the 1800s when German settlers taught local residents how to do it. This beer garden is known as the Old German Beer Hall and can be found sitting on Old World Third Street.


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