Oktoberfest is typically associated with Germany. However, there are plenty of other wonderful festivals held in other areas of the world. They all feature German traditions, such as beer, food, music, culture, and entertainment. These are some of the topOktoberfest destinations on the globe.

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1. Munich, Germany

When it comes to Oktoberfest, the Munich event is the big daddy of them all. This fantastic beer festival has been around for 176 years now. There’s great food, entertainment, and of course beer in the hugetents and there’s no entry fee. However, be aware that the price of a stein of beer isn’t exactly cheap. It’s still the top Oktoberfest in the world though and will be for years to come.

2. Kitchener, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

The Kitchener-Waterloo event in Canada is the largest Oktoberfest festival in the world outside of Germany. It’s held about 60 miles west of Toronto and lasts for nine days each October. There’s plenty of entertainment, parades, events, and sporting activities as well as the usual Oktoberfest fare. The festival takes place in 15 different beer halls throughout the twin cities of Kitchener and Waterloo between Oct. 7th and 15th in 2011.

3. Tokyo, Japan

Believe it or not, one of the best Oktoberfests takes place in Tokyo, Japan. This will be its 14 edition in 2011 and it just keeps getting bigger and better year after year. German beer is imported for the festival and so are most of the musical entertainers. The Japanese love their beer as much as the next nation.

4. Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

It’s believed that Cincinnati’s Oktoberfest celebration is the largest in America. The festival is known asOktoberfest Zinzinnati and takes place over a weekend. The event is sponsored by Samuel Adams and features The Gemuetlichkeit Games as well as the Annual Running of the Wieners.

5. Dublin, Ireland

Dublin is well known around the world for its pubs and as the home of Guinness. However, when the fall weather hits Ireland and it’s time to celebrate another Oktoberfest, residents can’t seem to get enough lagers and ales into them. Dublin’s Oktoberfest event lasts for 10 days and this year’s version takes place between Oct. 8th and 18th at George’s Dock.

6. Blumenau, Brazil

The most popular Oktoberfest in the South American nation of Brazil takes place in the city of Blumenau, which was founded by a German doctor named Blumenau in 1850. This year’s festival kicks off on Oct. 1st and goes all the way until the 18th. The event features a car known as the Bierwagen, which distributes refreshing beer during the evenings in the downtown area.

7. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

This is another popular Asian Oktoberfest, which will be celebrated between Oct. 6th and 11th this year. This great festival features an all-you-can eat buffet that’s filled with German roast meats, specialtybreads, and sausages. All of the fantastic food can then be washed down with a variety of German beers. The Oktoberfest is held in the Jade Ballroom at the Windsor Plaza Hotel.

8. Hannover, Germany

While Munich hosts the biggest Oktoberfest in Germany, Hannover is home to the second largest. This year’s festival runs between Sept. 25th and Oct. 11th and will be held at Schutzenplatz. There’s plenty of beer, food, music, entertainment, and fireworks.

9. Shoreditch, London, England

The English love their beer and it wouldn’t be right if they didn’t have an Oktoberfest event to celebrate. This one is known as the Bavarian Beerhouse and takes place in East London inside of a bar that’s situated below street level. This year’s event is more popular than ever as it takes place over seven different weekends (Wednesdays to Saturdays) until the end of October.

10. Brisbane, Australia

Needless to say, beer is one of the favorite refreshments down under. The Brisbane Oktoberfest takes place between Oct. 9th and 11th and Oct. 16th and 18th in the city’s RNA Showgrounds. There will be a large Bavarian-style tent, beer-hall tables and German bands, food, beer, and entertainment. In addition, some of the proceeds will be donated to charity.


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