Many people of all ages love the drama and thrills associated with rollercoaster rides. If you’re one of them and are looking for some of the best rides you can start with these 10.


1. New England, Massachusetts, USA – Bizarro, Six Flags

The Bizarro can be found at Six Flags in New England. This ride hits speeds of over 75 miles per hour and also features a good amount of free-falling time.

As a bonus, you’ll get some amazing views of the local countryside and the Connecticut River while enjoying the ride. Overall, the Bizarro is 208 feet in height with a 221-foot fall since it actually goes below ground surface into an underground tunnel.

2. New Jersey, USA – Kingda Ka, Six Flags Great Adventure

The Kingda Ka is known as the one of the world’s fastest and tallest rollercoasters. The ride starts out with a launch that reaches a speed of close to 130 miles per hour and reaches 456 feet up into the air. To make the ride more dramatic and thrilling is its 90-degree fall.

3. Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates – Formula Rossa, Ferrari World

This fantastic ride can reach 100 miles per hour in just a couple of seconds and can reach a speed of close to 150 miles per hour, making it the fastest roller coaster in the world as of 2012. It climbs a height of 171 feet while it shoots from inside to outside of the theme park.

4. Alton Towers, England – The Nemesis

The Nemesis rollercoaster is the first inverted one in all of Europe. The seats resemble a ski lift and the ride twists and loops like crazy. It became famous back in 2004 when 32 naked people rode it to set an odd world record.

5. Pembrokeshire, Wales – Megafobia, Oakwood Coaster Country

This British wooden rollercoaster known as Megafobia has a twisted type of layout. It takes abouttwo minutes to complete the ride which is 85 feet in height and just over 2,950 feet in length. It’s definitely one of Britain’s most popular rides.

6. Salou, Spain – Furius Baco, PortAventura

This rollercoaster is quite unique as the seats of the ride are actually on both sides of the track. This means you’re quite exposed during the ride and it definitely adds to the thrill. The ride averages approximately 85 miles per hour and is a Spanish favorite.

7. Nagashima, Japan –The Steel Dragon 2000, Nagashima Spa Land

Japan’s famous Steel Dragon 2000 reaches a speed of up to 95 miles per hour on a lift hill. It reaches a height of 318 feet up into the air and is 8,133 feet in length. It takes four minutes to complete the ride, making it one of the world’s longest rollercoaster trips.

8. Queensland, Australia – The Tower of Terror

This aptly named rollercoaster launches itself straight up in the air. Its track is designed in an L shape and it runs on high-tech synchronous motors. These allow it to reach a free-floating position before it goes backwards and retraces the route. The Tower of Terror can also hit a speed of 100 mile per hour.

9. Yamanashi, Japan – Eejanaika, Fuji-Q Highland Park

This rollercoaster features seats that can actually turn 360 degrees backwards and forwards while in a controlled spin. It’s the second rollercoaster of its type. Eejanaika can reach a speed of 78 miles per hour and reaches a height of 249 feet.

10. Toronto, Ontario, Canada – The Behemoth, Wonderland Park

This rollercoaster cost a staggering $26 million to build. It’s Canada’s fastest and tallest rollercoaster. It begins with an 85-degree climb and can hit a speed of 80 miles per hour in just under four seconds. The behemoth features eight different drops as well as double-banked horizontal loops.


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