Accidents do happen; therefore, it is important to have cheap car insurance. However, sometimes insurance companies deal with claims that are just bizarre that they are impossible to believe.

Here are 10 ridiculous and outrageoustravel insurance claims. What were they thinking?

1. There was one man who let his girlfriend drive his motorcycle. She, of course, wrecked it; however, told Progressive that he was driving. He tied to the back of the truck as a friend drove him around so he could look like he had been in an accident. However, he did not realize that his girlfriend had already informed the police that she caused the accident.

2. A girl who did not have insurance had an accident. She had a ruptured spleen, but still managed to call an insurance company to purchase cheap car insurance. Someone overheard the call and reported it to the insurance company. If she had received online cheap insurance quotes, she would have hadaffordable insurance.

3. One individual called the insurance company to request compensation for whiplash, headaches and a backache. However, the vehicle was parked and he was not even in it when the crash occurred.

4. In England, a gentleman parked his van and fell asleep on the beach. While he was sleeping, the tide rose and washed the truck out to sea. He called the insurance company and wanted compensation for the van.

5. One insurance company reported a claim that stated, “An invisible car came out of nowhere, hit my car and then disappeared.” Yeah right!

6. One driver claimed that, “a camel and an elephant were standing at the end of the road, which caused me to lose concentration and hit a billboard”

7. A man wanted the insurance to pay for damages when he put his hand through the car window. He says that, “I thought the window was down, but I discovered it was not when my hand went through it.”

8. One claim states, “I was on my way to the doctor for my butt when the joint gave way, which caused me to have an accident.”

9. One man stated in his claim, “I ran over a man. He admitted that he caused the accident because he had been run over before.”

10. One driver claimed he had an accident after a bee went up his pants leg, which caused him to hit the accelerator and rear end someone. The bee, however, never stung him.

Fortunately, most claims are legitimate and the driver receives compensation. Drivers should go online to receive online cheap insurance quotes to make sure they have a reputable company in which they can depend to provide excellent coverage.


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