Buying travel insurance in general is not something that comes easily to everyone, considering the fact that you may not need to use it at all. Nevertheless, travel insurance is imperative, especially when we are talking about adventure sports holidays. Here are a few tips that can help you avoid the most common mistakes and make a wise choice, thus getting the right coverage at reasonable prices.

10 Useful Tips on Travel Insurance for Adventure Sports

1. Thumb Rule

The golden rule while choosing any insurance is to read the fine print. Even if it means taking the day off, do read the offer documents carefully, with special attention to the exceptions. The trick is to not to go by face value. If you do not understand something read it over and over again.

2. Declare Any Pre-Existing Condition

Premium for adventure travel insurance is higher for those with pre-existing medical conditions. However, one should not be tempted to hide it from the insurers.

If discovered it will prove costlier than you imagine and also affect your other insurance plans. Instead of being penny wise and pound foolish it is better to mention the condition so that you are covered sufficiently in case of an emergency.

3. Start Date of Your Adventure Insurance

For all you care to know, adventure may begin even before you set off on your adventure trip. Covering your booking costs from such unforeseen circumstances will ensure that you lose no money. So having your adventure insurance dated from the date of booking your trip is the way to go to safe guard your interests completely.

4. Carry Receipts and Reports

In case of a medical emergency or theft of expensive belongings, claims can be processed easily if you have the relevant reports or purchase receipts as the case may be. It proves your medical condition or the ownership of the object and avoids elaborate documentation.

5. Check the Prices

Adventure sports insurance is a wide net and has a number of exceptions and price brackets within it. For instance, some of the adventure sports insurance providers do not consider hiking and trekking under basic adventure sports. They have caps for the height you can scale beyond which you would be required to pay a higher premium. Hence check before you obtain your cover.

6. Winter Sports cover

If your adventure sport travel includes a quick stop at any winter sports complex then it is important to include it separately in your insurance documents. Winter sports cover comes at a premium and needs to be covered separately.

7. Extra Adventure Cover

While some of insurance providers charge higher premium for the extra adventures that you may plan, there are some others who will not charge you extra if the additional activity is not the main purpose. Check for this clause and proceed accordingly.

8. Protection for Adventure Essentials

Your adventure gear which is very essential to your trip needs to be protected from emergencies such as loss or theft of luggage. Doing so will ensure that your adventure plans are not ruined due to acts of providence by reimbursing the cost of acquiring new gear.

9. Cover Natural Disasters

Adventure sports travel is very often associated with nature and hence natural disasters are more likely to affect your trip than any other type of travel. Make sure that your adventure sports travel insurancecovers for any natural disaster that might cancel your trip.

10. Shop for the Best Deal

Comparing various travel insurance providers is the only way to land best deals in adventure sports insurance. Online deals are cheaper than direct, but one has to be sure of the company and its offer before going ahead with purchasing the product.


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