Vacations create moments that you can cherish for a lifetime. But there have been several situations when people have gone for vacations and just when they have let their hair down there have been incidents that have made them return even when the trip had a few more days to go. You can also face such situations where you might have to return home when your trip is still not over.

Normally you would think that all the money you paid for to make all the bookings have gone for a waste. You might also worry that you will have to incur additional charges for booking flights to return home. But with trip interruption travel insurance, you do not have to worry about a thing as all the monetary heads are taken care of.

 travel insuranceWhen can you Use Trip Interruption Travel Insurance?

You can make use of this policy while you have already started out for your vacation and you need to return home for reasons like:

  • There has been a burglary at home or at work and the police need to talk to you at the earliest.
  • A family member has been diagnosed with some sickness and your presence is necessary.
  • Someone very close to you has expired.
  • A legal proceeding has started and that needs you to be present at court

These clauses are however specific to what the agency will offer you. Every agency offers different policies and they cover you differently.

What is Covered Under this Policy?

  • You do not need to worry about the return tickets. The policy will arrange for the same.
  • Your hotel bookings can be altered.
  • You can utilize your remaining vacation days. Postpone the trip and book new.
  • If you re-plan the vacation after a couple of days then your travel cost is covered.

Points to Remember

  • This policy is applicable only when you have already started your trip. So you need to be at your vacation spot to avail of this policy.
  • When you decide to return home, or rejoin the vacation you need to use the economy class travel options. It does not matter if the original plan included a better option.
  • You need to purchase this policy within 2 to 3 weeks of booking your trip. If you buy the policy later than that then your claim may not be valid.

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