Traveling isn’t really rocket science and in case you are an experienced nomad, traveling advice won’t be able to tell you anything new. On the other hand the novice travelers might have some things to learn.

Traveling on a budget is a wise way to make sure that you won’t spend more than you can afford to. Nonetheless you shouldn’t take it too seriously. Traveling means nothing in case you can’t enjoy it.Traveling for a long period

On the other hand, it is always good to help the local communities by spending a little in every location.

There are some travelers who sleep in bus stations, buy nothing, eat boiled rice and prefer to travel on the top of the bus just to save money. Where’s the fun in that?

Giving money to beggars is also a common mistake made by tourists.

Although their majority wouldn’t give money to children at home, they feel some kind of guilt when being abroad.

Just as it has been presented in the movie Slumdog Millionaire, the chances for the children to see any use of this money are very small.

In case you would like to do something nice for the local society, you would rather make a donation to an organization that handles children through offering them food, shelter and some level of education.

Traveling for a long period of time doesn’t really seem to be wrong, but after a while you might see that the whole experience has lost its magic. You start to get annoyed by certain aspects of traveling and the language barrier can also gain importance.

In case you start getting really grouchy and you can’t remember the last time you said anything nice about the location that you were visiting, then it is a sure sign that you should be heading back home.

Is anything worse than a tourist or traveler that thinks that he or she knows everything? No matter how many lands you have seen, you may have to face cultural shocks, and before heading to a new location you should make some researches regarding the local culture.

There are some mistakes that people make unwillingly, such as not dressing accordingly or acting in a manner that isn’t accepted by the locals.

Although it is a good thing to respect the traditions of the location in question, never take things too far. It is alright to learn new customs, languages and ways of behavior, but it may be too much if you make the other culture your own.

For example in case of wearing a traditional dress there will be some rules that you have to respect, rules that you would have never encountered if you wouldn’t have worn the dress.

If you consider yourself an experienced traveler, then for sure you know that no matter how much work you put in planning the trip, things will never go according to plan. There are some events that will affect your plans and there is nothing you can do about them.


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