For women packing light seems to be a mission impossible. However, there are some tips they could use to make sure that their baggage will be as light as possible.

Smart Tips for Packing Light – Summer 2013


The first step towards a light baggage is to gather information about your destination. The best thing people can do is to buy a guidebook and read it. This way, people will be informed about the activities that they can have and the weather and climate of their destination.

Another aspect to consider is the culture of the destination location. This might influence what people find appropriate to wear. Another source to check out is the official webpage of the country.

Wise choices

It is best for people to focus on some key pieces of clothing that they can mix and match and that they can also wash easily without having to worry about ironing. In case of women it is a good idea to stick to 2-3 colors. Linen is the ideal materials, because it is meant to look wrinkled.

Another material to consider is microfiber which is comfortable and cool. In the same time it is also easy to wash and it dries easily.


It is known that shoes can take a lot of space, and so women might want to take two pairs only. Women should have a pair of shoes for walking and another pair for fancy outings. It is a good idea to think about the last trip. There might have been something that was missing. If this is the case people should make sure that nothing will be missing on this occasion.


When it comes to accessories, it is best to opt for those that are multipurpose. Think about a hat that is a nice accessory but that also protects against the sun, a scarf which works as a splash of color but that also offers coverage at the beach. Head and arm covering can turn out to be useful in a mosque or a museum and a blanket might be important on a chilly airplane.

Compact items

The goal is supposed to be to be able to pack everything in a 22 inch suitcase. In order to make everything fit, you might need some help. This is where the folder comes in, that can help you with dresses and shirts and a “cube” can separate the items and press down the rolled clothes.


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