Holidays are so much fun when they are fuss free. This is the time to get together with friends and dear ones and if you have to travel to do so you might be interested on the best holiday travel tips.

So many people dread holiday traveling because in everybody’s mind airports, train stations and snowed roads are a dreadful experience around this time of the year. What most of people don’t know is that all the stress relating holiday travel can disappear with a little strategy.

Top Tips for Holiday Travel 2013

Travel sooner

There is no point to book your flight 2 days before Christmas. In case your schedule allows it travel at least five days ahead the peak dates for holiday travel. The plane and train tickets  are cheaper and the roads are far from being as crowded as you would expect. It’s true that you will need extra lodging days or your relatives will have to bear with you a little longer but holiday packages are cheaper if you book extra days and parents usually don’t mind having you around earlier.

Smart packing

In case you travel by public means of transportation be careful about packing. In case of planes you should know that liquids and gels are still forbidden and if you must take them with you, use a zipper plastic bag and pack only the allowed amount.

Taking gifts with you is ok but if you don’t want to ruin the wrapping take the necessary supplies and pack them at the destination.


There are a lot of chances for you or the kids to get sick during a holiday trip. Make sure you take a basic medical kit with over the counter cold medicine, fever monitor and bandages, with you wherever you go.

Be informed

When it comes to the airports it is smart to know the surroundings. It pays to be aware where to park the car, what lane to follow, where are the embarking gates…etc…

Try and make the check-in online to avoid waiting in line a long time especially if you travel with kids. Also in case  you have access to an internet connection keep an eye out for delays in the flight schedule.

Keep them busy on the road

In case you travel by car there are a few essential things you should take with you to keep the kids entertained. Pack fun, healthy food but also warm drinks in case the snowing delays the traveling speed. You can play a movie for them to watch or simply help them see the trip as a learning experience. It helps if you make stops on the road if there is something worth visiting.


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