The most irritating thing that will surely get on your nerves is losing your luggage while on a vacation – it will ruin all your plans for sure as luggage is the integral part of a vacation. Losing the luggage leads you to fill up a baggage claim form and wait pointlessly. This situation and harassment can be totally avoided if you can stick to few simple steps. Read on to learn about them –

ways to avoid losing your luggage

11 Easy Tips to Avoid Loss of Luggage:

1. Upgrade your Luggage Label

Few high-tech brands offer tags with codes and microchips that helps in detecting lost baggage. You can opt for these tags.

2. Arrive Early to the Airport

If you check in late then you will be stuck up with check-in line and the other unavoidable formalities. Reaching on time however spares you from the nervousness thus keeping track of your belongings become easier.

3. An Itinerary should always be Inside the Bag

If you place a copy of the itinerary on top of your clothes inside the bag it will certainly not go for a walk on its own. Thus assuring that even if the luggage is misplaced it can be traced back to you.

4. Shipping your Luggage is Better than Checking them in

It might not be a conventional idea but it saves money and harassment. If you plan ahead and ship your luggage to the hotel in advance you can save money and track the shipment at ease.

5. Time for some Nice Pictures

Please take out time to click some good and clear picture of the suitcase in which you are carrying your belongings as pictures are a very strong evidence that can be of great help in case of lost luggage.

6. Luggage Strap is a must have

Have you ever thought about giving your suitcase a fantastic makeover? If you have not, then it is time to act on it now. In order to avoid misplacing your luggage due to mistaken identity it is better to use a colourful and distinctive luggage strap. You can be very creative.

7. Old is not Always Gold

If you are a travel addict then there are supposed to be many baggage claim tags on the suitcase, so please remember to remove the old ones from the suitcase and keep it aside as a memory and it will simply avoid confusions.

8. Bags should be Ticketed to the Correct Destination

Before you leave the bag in the ticket counter make sure that the luggage has been ticketed to the correct terminus and correct flight.

9. Try to Opt for a Direct Flight

In a direct flight the luggage is contained in the same flight without creating any chaos. However, in case of connecting flight, luggage needs to be in other flight in case the flight is delayed.

10. Tag the Baggage

Marking the luggage with your business card which has your contact details will always be helpful. It is wise to tape a card with your details inside the luggage as well.

11. Light is Right

While planning for a short trip if you choose a carry-on instead of a suitcase.

If you follow the points discussed above about protecting your luggage, then you will have a tension free journey for sure.


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