Most people don’t like going by bus when traveling.

However, in reality a bus ride can be very satisfying and it is also the least expensive way of traveling.

If you feel traveling by bus is boring, here are a few ways to entertain yourself in long distance bus travel:

Listen to music

This is the most common and easy way to entertain yourself in any kind of travel.

With the wide range of iPods and MP3 players available at economical prices, it is ideal for bus travel.

Enjoy the sights

At times you get so restless about your travel that you forget to look at the surroundings. However, even if you are traveling in an ugly city, try to catch the few interesting buildings and sights on offer.

Start a conversation

If you really like talking with strangers or feel comfortable talking with others, strike up a conversation with the person next to you.

Make sure that the other person is approachable and interested in chatting with you first; try not to disturb them.

Relax yourself

Close your eyes and think of your day and try to see the funny side of it. Don’t get anxious about your journey. Remember, worrying is not a good way to entertain yourself. Stop worrying and make your journey fun and enjoyable.


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