For some, arranging a holiday can be a stressful affair, from the planning of the details such as flights and hotels, right down to the part when you’re actually meant to be having fun.

Why Tailor-Made Holidays are the Best

So what if there was someone else to deal with all of the stressful parts? It would make a nice change, wouldn’t it? Well, by using a personal travel adviser you’ll be able to have things taken care of and get a tailor-made holiday just right for you.

Simplifying a complex trip

This is especially true if you’re planning on visiting multiple destinations, crossing many borders where an organised itinerary is paramount.

With all of the various things to deal with: ensuring the passengers have the correct visas, tickets for each individual flight or train journey and many other parts that make a holiday run smoothly, having a specialist to look after this is highly beneficial, particularly for the stress-levels!

If you want to purchase a package holiday deal, your travel agent will take care of all of this for you. They will plan out your route, and inform you and your party about the different requirements for entering each individual country.

Insider knowledge

We’ll often arrive at a new destination and head towards the nearest restaurant or bar as we don’t know any better. However, for an assured good time, a tailor-made holiday will guarantee that you have the knowledge that rivals the locals to the area.

A personal travel advisor will cater to your culinary needs, making sure that you have reservations for your entire group at the best local restaurants, wherever you are in the world.

Your travel agent is ready for unforeseen circumstances

If you go ahead and book your own flights and accommodation, are you really prepared in the eventuality that something goes wrong?

Booking with a reputable personal travel agent means that you’ll have the assured protection from ABTA and ATOL cover on your package deal. They’ll also have insider knowledge that could benefit you from re booking cancelled flights, or changing hotels at the last minute if there are any problems.

Add a personal touch

Individual requirements and desires can be met on a tailor-made holiday like never before. Whether it’s a stag trip, a honeymoon or a family reunion, your travel agent will be attentive to your every wish and need.

They are sympathetic to your budgetary needs too, and will advise you on what the best options are for your specifications.


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