las vegasHigh gas prices, a strong euro and a shaky global economy should be anything but stimulation for the tourism industry.

Yet consumers are expressing a strong desire to travel this fall.

Their timing couldn’t be better, since hotels and resorts are offering deep last-minute discounts to keep their rooms full.

Roughly 170 million Americans plan to take a leisure trip between now and year’s end, according to a survey conducted last month by the Travel Industry Association.

The survey also suggests that those holidays will be shorter, closer to home and, maybe most important, less expensive than past vacations.

One of those destinations trying to lure travelers with deep discounts is Las Vegas, says Rein. The city’s economy has been hit hard by the sub prime mortgage crisis, which means high-end hoteliers are being forced to mark down room prices.

At the Palms Casino Resort, guests enjoy access to the exclusive Playboy Club, the on-site casino, several restaurants–including the N9NE Steakhouse–a pool, spa and nightclubs, including Rain as well as the rooftop Ghostbar.

During the back-to-school season, the Caribbean has plenty of great deals. Unfortunately, there’s risk involved–it’s hurricane season in the region–but those undeterred stand to reap significant savings.

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